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I always loved baking and cooking and with my middle eastern origins i was introduced to a very rich and varied cuisine, The Mediterranean Cuisine. 

In 2016 when both my daughters became middle school students and with longer days and lots of free time, i decided its time to start my home baking business.

Preparing food is something that can engage all the senses, I can spend hours in the kitchen creating new recipes. 

For me food is about bringing back memories, it's amazing how tasting something can take you back to places and remind your of people and times that will never come back.

It brings joy to my heart when someone says "it feels like home or it tastes like what my grandmother/ mother used to make".

Besides my passion my goal is to bring good food, happy memories and to introduce people to my culture through food and to learn more about the cuisines of other cultures.

The farmers market is a great place to meet people and to learn about what they like, to listen to their stories and tell them mine.

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